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Fruitcake with Grated Pears
From Dan

White Fruitcake
From Kelly in the Mojave Desert

Quick ‘n’ Easy Fruitcake
the elusive Jiffy Biscuit Mix and Nonesuch Mincemeat recipe c.1978!

Tom’s Plantation Fruitcake
Peaches and Fruit Cocktail

Pumpkin Fruitcake
designed for those who eschew fruitcake in any form.

Sandra Stanfill’s Southern Fruitcake
as featured in ZDnet/Yahoo Life Magazine December 2000

Caity’s Fruitcake

Luana’s 30 day Fruitcake

Mama Nessa’s Fruitcake
baked in an angelfood cake pan

Janet’s Fruit cake with Peach Preserves
and applesauce, pear or pumpkin

Linda’s Ice Box Fruitcake

Joy Ward’s Applesauce Fruitcake

Sherry’s Southern Fruitcake (sent in by Jeanie)
this may be the elusive "Plantation Fruitcake" with canned peaches!

Sandy Foster’s Recipe for Dark Fruitcake